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A 23 year old guy who loves the Beautiful things in life in almost about everything. I love making new friends, and the simple things in life. So if anyone has question or just want to chat do not be a stranger and hit me up...


Errant Reveal: Friday April 18th

Sertohlokar Arcatathmaton- The Seabreaker

I can’t reveal pretty much anything about this character without spoilers so instead I dug up all my old concept sketches of him so you can see his design process from start to finish. 

The last piece (and many others) is going to be featured as a prize in my twitter giveaway TBA. Follow me if you’re interested! @mjarocki_art

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Video Game Mash-ups

by Jorge Vargas

  • Toad / Piranha Plant (Super Mario Bros)
  • Pikachu / Rush (Pokemon / Megaman)
  • Bomberman / Ryu (Bomberman / Street Fighter)
  • Peach / Sakura (Super Mario Bros / Street Fighter)
  • Knuckles / Falco (Sonic the Hedgehog / Starfox)

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